A Happy Customer

It is always gratifying to complete a project to specification, but even more so, we are thankful for the incredible words of support from our clients. Renovations can be time-consuming but don't have to be difficult! Here is one such example:

"Hello Traian:

It's up! Our electrician hung the Plafonet ceiling lamp three days ago and my wife and I have been admiring it ever since in morning light, afternoon shade and evening dark. We chat about it and play with the dimmer switch constantly. It is everything you said it would be and more. We couldn't be happier with our selection.

My wife researched ceiling lamps for about a year before settling on the Plafonet03. We reached out to anyone who could help. You answered our initial email within minutes and promised to get lamp specifications and a quote for us. True to what you said, you got back immediately with the necessary details. You followed up your email which included drawings with a phone call. You answered all our questions thoroughly and offered some suggestions as to choice of shade and light bulbs that would offer the greatest impact. You ordered the lamp for us, secured a discount and kept us fully informed about delivery. When the light fixture cleared customs, it was too close to when we were going on holidays. But you came through by promising to hold the lamp and even agreed to deliver it to our home because of the short delay in delivery.

Your help in responding to our request, answering our questions and securing the product was greatly appreciated and well beyond what we would expect from a lighting professional. Traian, we can't thank you enough for providing the best customer service that any client could hope for.

Warmest thanks

David Phillips"

reprinted with permission